Friday, February 20, 2009

voice in the heart....

Hm...human is a very complicated creature.They may feel good at this moment and the next day will turn to another point of view...well, i assume that 'it's a part of life experiences'. I asked myself once , 'am i a sentimental, emotional gal?' well, i guess i am..i feel that it is happy to help others and put my true heart to help everyone...ya, i always hopes to be like that.

These few months, i was lost... lost my ways, my principle of life. i thought i helped them, but i didn't!! in the end, i put them away from me, i almost lost them...luckily, she din give up me...thank you...i knew , i m way of thinking!!! i thought i was right but unfortunately...i can felt the pain in your heart and the suffer u had gone through......once again, i would like to say sorry to you...'my dear sister'......

the second thing is, i had a friend she was so kind...but she always think for others but not to herself...well, seem to be good but the fact is she was suffered...everyone knows that she is kind, that why, some people use her kindness to get benefit.....towards her, i cant say anything...this is her principle of life...She is a good friend and i hope that... she will be treated as how she treats others....

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, the first time i went for this class its seem to be fun...but..all of us started feeling stress......we are fresh writer but were putting in a very high expectation by the lecturer...All our writing turn to be useless and meaningless.......we knew that as a writer, we have to face with criticism but not too 'hard' comments...we feel like so irritating and angry!!! why??? we use our heart to write our stories....but seem like the lecturer had turn behind our works...she did commented and corrected our weakness...but i think i should be in another way round!!
I feel pity to my group mate...she feel so embarrass and upset when the lecturer wanted to correct almost the whole story....we knew her situation because we put ourselves in her shoe...anyway, to all classmate!!! we have to enjoy writing and kearn from the matter how bad we had been criticize,never look down to our abilities.....gambare!!!!

Shiet Yee's birthday

In order to celebrate Shiet Yee's birthday, we had make the date came earlier...Her birthday is on the 22/2 but we decided to celebrate it earlier....It was long time ago, we (sot po) all go out together; having dinner, shopping was fun!!! because it helped me to relax myself although for half of the day!!!!Here, i wish to share with you all , the members of 1817's housemates....

This is Shiet Yee!! She is the birthday girl + my roommate + my secondary friend

This is Lin...She is my little sister!! She is so friendly girl...

Ms Tan/ Beng siew...She is my coursemate....She is a playful mouse!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday...18/1/2009

Happy birthday to my brother 'kok yoong'. Today is his 15 years old birthday, we gave him a big surprise!!! hahahaha...anyway, i m here wishing you that you will success in your studies, be a man who can contribute to the society, don't let mummy and daddy worry!!!! Although i m not that kinda girl who say those SWEET WORDs but what i want to tell u is ' Believe yourself, don't feel stress, just do your best in your studies' seem like we are giving u lots pressure but is for ur sake....Remember, DO your BEST in your PMR!!! Try your best that it!!! Gambare!!!

Meaningful...13 January 2009

This day become my meaningful day because on this day, i had officially call her ' 妹妹‘.. i feel so happy because in my life i had a sis who can share my tear and joy.. I still remembered that what i had wrote last time in this blog, what is friendship? what is true friend? but i m here to prove to myself and others that ' never give up' last i had found, believe yourself that you can make it...although at the beginning the road seem to be so tough to go on, but after u had passed it, the better and wonderful journey is waiting for u at the front!!!
Just to share with u, this 'mei mei' is one of my housemate and at the beginning we seem to play and fool around. But day after day, we built up our friendship, gone through lots of difficulties and we share our tears and joy together... so coincidentally our sir's name also '林‘, v are almost the same characteristic and behavior...I m here to tell that, i feel glad because i had found her...Thank you because you had make me believe there is true friend...谢谢你‘林秋羚‘

* Don't neglect people who care you, and treat other as how you wanted to be treated!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


What is friend? i asked myself again and again..but every time the answer will be different from what i see and expected...iZit becoz i m too 'demanding' and put a high expectation towards them!! I just want a true friend...but what is true friend???? izit those who play, and stick around with you all the time is considered as true friends....hahaha...then, i think all of us also have lots of true friends!!!

Well, just wanna throw my thought and feeling....deep in my heart, i feel that human are so horror and too reality...some people might befriended with others becoz they have high status, rich and they have 'special abilities' than us( in short they are valuable thing in this friendship) !!! Honestly, What a realistic human!!! So far, i had never met so called 'true friend', well this doesn't mean i don't trust that there are no 'true friend' but i just failed to find one!!

At this moment, most of my friend are those passenger friends who stay awhile in my life and then they had gone away and that make me feel bad and wonder why i had such a weak relation with them? At first, i had came to a conclusion that we have to devote ourselves and make contribution in our friendship which it will make the friendship's bone stronger.i always agree this and confident that i will find, i told myself that i will work hard and be my friend's true friend first.Unfortunately, i fell into a deep pain because of this...guess what?? of course being betrayed and used like a silly fellow!! Hm, i really hate myself ....because i feel that i m such a stxxx girl....well, last time, i had a friend who asked me " if there are 10 red roses and 10 white roses, how many roses will you give me?" this question remind me of...' we might put lots of effort in this relationship but we cant hope for the same action from them'....Hm, i dont really want to share what i had gone through but for sure is a bitter experience!!! sometimes, i had lost my confident and hope toward searching true friend. Well, i m not a greedy gal , just one true friend is enough!! Friend that can share laughter, sorrow, exchange opinion and supporting each others when we are in troubles!!! This is TRUE FRIEND!!! remember, to all of you.....A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE NEVER LEAVE YOU WHENEVER YOU FACE PROBLEM, THEY WILL HAND OUT THEIR HANDS AND ENCOURAGE YOU OR ACCOMPANY YOU WHENEVER YOU ARE HAPPY OR SAD!!! what a wonderful friend they are.....

To maintain a friendship is not a problems of distance,although one might be at the west and the other is at the east!!! i treasure my friends with my sincerity, that is why i feel sad and disappointed not because i wanted them to treat how i treated a matter of heart... i cant control them, that is why..i cant only do my best!!! To all my friends...always reflect that we are a true friend to others??? and think of how your friend treat u? learn to appreciate or you will lost lots of them!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

School life

My university life started last monday...although this semester, i have to attend 19 creadits a week, but i feel so happy because this is my last semester...I hope to enjoy my last university life...In my journey of education, i had gone through lots of bitter and sweet experiences but now all these experiences had become my past footsteps and my memories...I had gain and growth more in my life than my last time!!! I enjoy studying, learning and mix up with friends....My treasure , my wealth...cant be take out by anyone!!!so, we have to enjoy our life no matter in our working place or in school.....Gambare!!!